Top Indian Travel Blogs

Growing up in a typical joint family and being one of the younger sibling, I was always mentally tortured by being compared with my older siblings :). But then I realized that professional travel blogging industry is no different. Blogs are rated as per your social media following, Google Page Rank, Moz rank, Alexa rank (whose premium monthly membership is a 3 digit $ figure) etc. I vowed that this directory posting will ensure that the blogs posted below in each category are as awesome and as inspiring as the ones in the top.

It was a pleasant surprise to find that the percentage of solo female travel bloggers is probably (or rather definitely) much better than the global industry standards. Hope the India bashing critics who love to stereotype India are reading this.

We have just had a few basic rules like at least 12 posts per year and blog to be hosted on a paid service like But for a chosen few these rules were also overridden.


Top Indian Solo (Female) Travel Bloggers
Top Indian Couple Travel Bloggers
Top Indian Solo (Male) Travel Bloggers
Top ‘phoren’ Travel Bloggers on India
Top Indian Travel Projects
Top Indian Specialty Travel (Special Needs, LGBT etc)

Top Indian Solo (Female) Travel Bloggers

 Shivya Nath -indian travel blogs Shivya Nath
Shivya is our greatest inspiration and the Godfathermother of Indian travel blogging. She is the best brand ambassador India can ever ask for. She has been to remote places like rural Romania and stayed with an indigenous Mayan family in Guatemala. God bless you, Shivya, for your dedication and relentless pursuit to visit incredible places which no travel blogger has ventured before.

Mridula Dwivedi -indian travel blogs Mridula Dwivedi
She started travel blogging back in 2005 when Indians had never even heard of the word ‘blog’. A regularly travel writer at Go Nomad, she has authoritatively proved that you can travel even when you have kids. She is author of 100 Things to Know About India: Before you Travel

Madhu Shetty -indian travel blogs Madhu Shetty
An interior designer turned travel blogger, her journeys have already taken her to 4 continents. We are a big fan of her Instagram page. Her popularity is evident in the fact that just her “About Me” page has almost 600 comments.

Lakshmi Sharath - indian travel blogs Lakshmi Sharath
Lakshmi is another veteran to the Indian Travel Blogging community. Her articles have been published in the media many times. She has already visited British Columbia, Canada and we hope we can host her next time she visits Toronto, Canada

Neelima Vallangi - indian travel blogs Neelima Vallangi
Neelima has traveled extensively across India, be it remote Nagaland or the interiors of Chhattisgarh. I love her posts on the Indian mosoons and great Himalayas. She has been featured in top International media like BBC Travel and Nat Geo

Anuradha Goyal - indian travel blogs Anuradha Goyal
A multidimensional travel blogger, Anuradha also blogs at the an award winning book-review blog When not blogging at another of her blog on Innovation Consultancy, she writes for India Tales. We personally feel that the Indian cities are best explored by walking and this unexplored blogging niche is beautifully covered by Anuradha. She is definitely the Superwoman of Indian blogging. Check her book at The Mouse Charmers: Digital Pioneers of India

Nisha Jha - indian travel blogs Nisha Jha
Nisha has a few unique achievements to her credit. Here is one Indian female blogger whose simple Infographic on Recipe for Backpackers was circulated in 20000 hostels around the world and she has been interviewed by Spanish radio and also Yahoo made an inspirational video on her.

Pooja - indian travel blogs Pooja
Technically she should falls under Couple Travel Blogging category, however she has a huge solo female following and her blogs are mostly about her travels. I like that she writes on diverse topics like Travel Hacking and the popular ‘Listicles’ category. If there is one word to describe her then it would be ‘Fearless’

Ankita Sinha - top Indian travel bloggers Ankita Sinha
If you are searching for an Indian travel + fashion blogger then Ankita Sinha rules this niche. A complete adventure junkie, she has tried hot air ballooning and even sky diving. It still amazes us on the huge list of International tourism boards which have invited her (I hope she shares her secret :P). Oh! By the way, Chandni really loves your fashion blogs

Amrita Das  -top Indian travel bloggers Amrita Das
Amrita’s blog has been featured in the Indian media multiple times. She is one of the few freelance solo female travel bloggers. By the way Amrita, it was Shisha Cafe in Pune where we used to frequent a lot in our dating days :)

Charukesi Ramadurai -top Indian travel bloggers Charukesi Ramadurai
If you are serious on Travel Blogging as a career then look no further than Charukesi’s blog. Infact she has co-authored a book on Freelance Journalism as well. She has been traveling for more than a decade now has traveled across 5 continets. She is a huge inspiration for Kiran, who dreams to follow similar career path

Top Indian Couple Travel Bloggers

BloggerName - top Indian travel bloggers Vicky and Ish
It was supposed to be start of Spring in Toronto, but sun was nowhere in sight on just another depressing morning in March 2014 when Kiran received Nomadic Matt’s newsletter which had an interview of an Indian couple hacking the complex immigration system to travel the world. I would like to thank Vicky & Ish for inspiring me to think about our RTW on a practical and realistic basis. Kiran always wanted to do a RTW trip but then knew it is impossible on an Indian passport. Once he read that interview he spent the next 1 week thinking about it and shared his idea with Chandni. She agreed for Kiran’s crazy plan and the rest is history. I am actually disappointed that they have almost stopped blogging, but they will always be one of the biggest reason why we started this blog

 Sandeepa and Chetan - top Indian travel bloggers Sandeepa and Chetan
We love the simplicity of their blog. You have to check the mesmerizing photos which they have clicked. They also have probably just started with Round the World trip and I would love to read on how they sorted out the complex visa process and read about their trip.

Swati & Sam - top Indian travel bloggers Swati & Sam
We genuinely appreciate them for sharing a list of countries for visa free travel on Indian passport and steps on applying visa for different countries. We share similar story in the sense that even we too are Software Engineers by profession and have traveled extensively when we were in India :). Its really impressive if you check the the list of brands which they have endorsed

Brinda & Poorna - top Indian travel bloggers Brinda and Poorna
20 years (and counting) is a long long time and that is the number of years this Indian couple has been traveling in all directions of India (and inspiring people like me). We also like that instead of categorizing India into its different regions they have chosen to categorize it according to theme.

Rishabh and Nirali - top Indian travel bloggers Rishabh and Nirali
We have been often asked about all types of questions about India by curious but ignorant travelers and work colleagues. One of the popular ones is “Arranged marriages”. We have always struggled to put it in exact words this beautiful concept which is an integral part of our culture. This time around when a Jamaican asked Kiran about it, he simply redirected him to this blog. All the stereotyped concepts which he had were bashed in a moment. We would love to meet them since they are now full time travelers as well.

Revati and Charles - top Indian travel bloggers Revati and Charles
Everything about their blog is simply awesome – the blog theme, those awesome photos, the descriptions. Kiran’s favorite part is the Culinary category. Just by reading those posts it makes him hungry :)

Anu and Sri -top Indian blogs Anu and Sri
We have always fantasized the life of a working expat where by we can travel slowly around the world. Well, if you share similar dream then this is the blog that you will fall in love with. They mostly cover Europe and we love the fact that they also cover a few offbeat attractions.

Ashray and Zara -top Indian blogs Ashray and Zara
They fall in the hybrid category of Indian Couple Travel Bloggers & ‘phoren’ Travel Bloggers. But then we thought for one moment about Ashray and categorized their blog in this category (Sorry Zara :P). Their blog is quintessentially for Indians but also a very beautiful window to this world. We would like to thank them for their tweet on Columbia introducing visa on arrival for Indians as we just added that to our RTW :). And Zara – By the way we are starting our RTW journey from Lisbon :). And we really admire your courage on the Dubai post. We second with all your thoughts.

Rituraj and Shreya - top Indian blogs Rituraj and Shreya
An extremely passionate couple who actually manage day jobs of being a dentist and English teacher respectively. They have also started their own Tour company which is the best way to convert your passion into profession. Its one of the most informative blog on India .

Ram and Reshma - top Indian travel  blogs Ram and Reshma
One of the best way to travel across the length and breadth of India is on a motorcycle. Here is one couple who have quit their corporate jobs to do just that. If you love to explore India on motorcycle (or even otherwise) then bookmark this blog now. By the way Ram & Reshma- We just loved your URL. We had our own share of motorcycles trips when we were India :) on Bajaj Avenger

Top Indian Solo (Male) Travel Bloggers

Karthik Reddy - top Indian blogs Karthik Reddy
Karthik adds a unique perspective to his blog with Infographics and a guide for an Indian traveler (Personal thanks from our end). He has proved that MBA degree need not necessary be applied only to a 9 to 5 job. We also love the subtle humor on his website

Ajay Jain - top Indian travel  blogs Ajay Jain
Its very difficult to describe Ajay and his wonderful blog since it does not fall into just one category. We call him a ‘travelpreneur’ which is something we would love to do in the distant future. Ajay has traveled thousands of kms on the road in India. He owns a travel cafe, has published books, conducts blogging courses, photographs professionally and publishes a monthly magazine which is available for free. His blog of Indian road signs is truly hilarious

Shrinidhi Hande - top Indian  travel  blogs Shrinidhi Hande
Kiran has known Shrinidhi and has been following his blog since a very long time. Shrinidhi might not recollect but both of them used to blog in 2006-07 in the internal corporate blog of one of India’s largest IT company. Kiran’s personal wordpress blog is still listed in his Blogroll (and Kiran is truely thankful for it). Chandni has been trying to motivate Kiran to continue blogging for a very long time since he abandoned it, but Shrinidhi didn’t. Shrinidhi is not only a travel blogger per se. He writes on diverse topics and travel is one of them. He has been blogging now for almost 10 years. Kiran still remembers that Shrinidhi had posted a review on Club Mahindra timeshare and it was very popular and rated highly by Google. Club Mahindra went into repair mode and invited a group of bloggers to their property (all of this was unheard of India at that time). After reading that post Kiran had almost decided to quit his corporate job…well..almost !

Priyank Thatte - top Indian blogs Priyank Thatte
Kiran met Priyank in one of Toronto Travel Massive event. Finally he met someone in Toronto who had traveled long term on an Indian passport and understood the challenges with it. Although Priyank is now a Canadian citizen, he regrets the fact that he cannot visit Bhutan now as freely as Indians. This clearly tells about his passion for travel. Infact even in the computer game on simulating building an entire city, Simcity, all he thinks is to construct a traveler friendly city. Hats off to your passion for travel!

Prasad Np - top Indian travel blogs Prasad Np
Prasad captures India on his camera like no one else has. His photographs are breathtaking. If someone who is deciding their next destination stumbles upon his blog then I am sure they would be booking their India trip within minutes. He is definitely one of the top Indian travel blogs

Sankara - top Indian blogs Sankara
His blog should be endorsed by Indian tourism board. The travel planning resources found on his website are incredible. He is one of the few full time travel bloggers in India and we really applaud him for that. His tip on Turkey visa for Indians really helped us a lot as we were under the assumption that Turkey needs a separate visa.

Arun Bhat - top Indian blogs Arun Bhat
One of the finest Indian photographer. He has won numerous awards and his photos have been published in international media. After a decade of blogging, Arun continues to inspire his loyal followers.

Top ‘phoren‘ Travel Bloggers on India

This is a very special category. Here we have a chosen few who defy all odds and are out their to prove relentlessly that India is really not what the Western media (and Indian media as well) stereotypes it to be. They have a huge influence on first time visitors and in their own way they help our country’s tourism and thereby helping our economy.

Mariellen Ward  -top Indian blogs Mariellen Ward
We first met Mariellen in Travel Massive event in Toronto sponsored by Indian Tourism Board. She might not recollect it but we did very briefly speak with her and appreciate her blog since it does not show India in a negative light. We can never forget her response. She mentioned India is as safe (or dangerous) as any other place in this world and infact the statistics show that the unfortunate incidents on female travelers was higher in Spain than India. We were speechless. Kiran then met her at another Travel Massive event in Toronto and she wished him for his journey. In Kiran’s own words – “That was probably one of the most memorable moment in my life as someone whom I considered as a big celebrity actually wished me”. Mariellen’s blog gives a very realistic image of India and inspires the paranoid Westerner to travel to India. We thank Mariellen in her contribution for spreading the positive things on India

Asher Fergusson - top Indian blogs Asher Fergusson
Most important tip if you are visiting India for the first time. Simply sign up to his newsletter and download his free eBook on India survival kit. Actually this is one book which should be available on Indian tourism board’s website. His tips on India are the gold standard of traveling in India, albeit for a first time visitor. We love you Asher for all the practical advice you had to share on India (and the fact that it is highly rated by Google)

Rachel Jones Rachel Jones
When we were thinking of how we would like to cover our RTW trip then we decided that just like Rachel gives an American point of view to India, we will give an Indian perspective of the world. Her ramblings on India offer an open ended discussion but they are really funny. Rachel – Although we are born and brought up in India, we have to confess that even we do not have answers to some of the questions that you have asked in your “This is India” section :)

Top Indian Travel Projects

The first time we stumbled upon their blog we were speechless. These bloggers (all of them are couple blogger) have their own unique style of traveling and each has to be credited for their ‘travel project’

The Heat and Dust Project (Devapriya Roy and Saurav Jha) The Heat and Dust Project (Devapriya Roy and Saurav Jha)
Everything about this project is unique and awesome including the name. This highly qualified couple just set out to ‘discover’ India on a tight budget of 500 INR all inclusive (around 50 CAD). You HAVE to read The Heat and Dust Project : The broke couple’s guide to Bharat. Their book has been featured in almost all the mainstream Indian media

100 Strangers Project (Gayathri and Vijay) 100 Strangers Project (Gayathri and Vijay)
We love their spin off on the 100 Strangers project. Gayathri and Vijay have taken this project international now and it spreads a super positive vibe and reminds me of the super popular Humans of New York project. They took a sabbatical from their respective jobs to backpack Europe and Asia for 6 months. Kudos!!! We do understand that it takes a lot to finalize on such a decision.

Artologue (Meenakshi J. and Jey Sushil) Artologue (Meenakshi J. and Jey Sushil)
They are not travel bloggers but definitely deserve a notes-worthy mention. Here is one couple whose story really fascinates us. Whenever we visit their website we feel that this is one couple which has truly attended the state of ‘Nirvana’. This couple travels and stays with ‘locals’ and in return they paint their house involving even the hosts in this process. All we want to say to this creative couple is that ‘Aap jiyo hazaaron saal ; saal ke din hon pachaas hazaar

Top Indian Specialty Travel (Special Needs, Indian Travel Hacking, LGBT etc)

Abhishek Behl Abhishek Behl
Abhishek is a rock star in true sense. Even his disability with Multiple Sclerosis has not stopped him from traveling. In this process, he continues to inspire thousands who might have any challenge owing to health reasons which are blocking their dreams. We wish you all the best and pray for your health and well-being.