We just got our Turkey eVisa and are super excited. Turkey is one of the most culturally unique country in the world. It is at the confluence of 3 continents viz. Asia, Africa & Europe. We had to visit it during our RTW trip. One of the primary reasons of visiting Turkey is that its visa process is super smooth and one of the countries which is very visa friendly to Indian passport holders. Some of the beautiful locales of Turkey have been shown in the Bollywood movie ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ :)

Turkey has introduced an eVisa system which actually works. Almost all other country’s immigration websites have lots of dead links, non-English words on the English page and information from the stone-ages. However Turkey website is a pleasant exception. Any country planning to implement an eVisa system should use this application as a perfect working example.

As an Indian passport holder we still have restrictions like we cannot apply for multi entry Turkey visa. We also need a valid visa or residency permit from one of the OECD Countries. If you are clubbing your Schengen visit with Turkey then always apply Schengen visa first. In almost all cases USA visitor visa is valid for 10 years and if you have one then you can apply too. This guide will tell you how to apply Turkey eVisa with bonus information for Indian passport holders.

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Table of Contents

Who can apply?
How to apply Turkey visa from India
Awesomeness of Turkey eVisa
Youtube video of eVisa process by Turkey Tourism


You get Visa for a total of 180 days. Depending on your citizenship you can avail for single or multi entry. For Indian passport holders it is single entry only and stay cannot be more than 30 days.

How to apply Turkey eVisa- Turkey List of Visa countries

To apply Turkey eVisa you either need visitor visa or residency permit as below

Who can apply?

  • Citizens of 14 countries are allowed to enter Turkey with their national ID’s so they are exempt
  • If you are in possession of a valid visitor visa or permanent residency as per above screen capture then you are eligible. Fortunately for both of us, we had valid Schengen, UK, USA visitor visa and Canada PR. Ok now, enough of the bragging 😉


Pre requisites - How to apply Turkey eVisa

Requirements for Indian passport holders for Turkey eVisa

  • Now that the ban on Maggi noodles has been lifted in India we can continue eating our favourite snack :). Start boiling water with vegetables and your favorite masala. 
  • Choose your nationality. 
  • Choose your arrival date: Let’s say you are applying 2 months prior to your trip and your stay will be of 21 days. Give your arrival date as 1 month from date of application. Since you get visa for 180 days, then it just gives you additional flexibility.
  • Depending on your nationality you will be presented with a unique set of required documents. You have to carry all of them when you enter Turkey
  • Once vegetables have boiled add the noodles. If you are preparing instant bowl noodles then skip this step. 😉
  • Fill out a form with very basic information like name on passport, name of parents, passport validity and contact details
  • In the same application you can add your family / friends (of course separate fee for each person) 
Turkey eVisa Email verification

Accept email Confirmation within 1 hour

  • You will receive an email instantly. Verify your email ID. Accept the email within 1 hour else you have to start all over again.
  • Pay the fees. 
  • Download your eVisa PDF. Even if you skip this step by mistake you will again receive an email with copies of your eVisa
Turkey eVisa application completion

Confirmation of completion


  • All you need is Adobe PDF installed on your device.
  • Remove the boiling pot from gas/stove. For instant bowl noodles add the boiling water in your noodle box :)
  • Enjoy your noodles and share on Facebook that you are going to Turkey. Count the exponentially growing ‘Likes’ on your FB Status. 
  • As a courtesy do share this page if it helped you :)
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How to apply Turkey visa from India

Note: We have not applied from India so some information might be incorrect. 

Awesomeness of Turkey eVisa

  • Very quick and prompt customer service email response. I got an email response on weekend. 
  • You can apply on the same day. No additional charge for priority / expedited (‘tatkal’ ). UK charges 220 CAD for priority
  • You do not need to submit passport so you can use it to apply other visas
  • You don’t need to book flight and hotels there by giving you flexibility and saving lot of $$$
  • End to end process is completed in 3 minutes and you get instant confirmation unlike Rwanda eVisa where it goes for approval. 
  • Visa fees is relatively very less (43 USD as of Aug 2015)
  • Remember though Amex is not accepted :(

Which are the visa friendly countries in your experiences? Do let us know

Youtube video of eVisa process by Turkey Tourism

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