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We are Kiran & Chandni, the faces behind this blog. We are attempting * a true + Round the World Trip and prove that it is possible to travel long-term on an Indian passport. You can read about our Round The World trip plan here

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Kiran is from Pune, India and Chandni is from Nagpur, India. Both USED to work in the Information Technology sector and are based out of the most livable city in the world, Toronto.

They used to work together and started exploring Kiran’s hometown of Pune, one restaurant at a time. This was followed by trips around Pune. In the recession hit economy Kiran went to Johannesburg, South Africa and Chandni switched her job but by that time they were already dating for like 2 years (Kiran feels a strong pinch as he once again forgets the dates :P). Oh! And Kiran’s S.Africa stay was just another opportunity to do a road trip in that country when Chandni visited him during Xmas (Our first road trip outside India). Kiran landed back to his hometown just before their great Indian wedding. While their families were busy discussing the marriage details, they were drafting different itineraries for their honeymoon.

Destiny brought them to the awesome city of Toronto (Yes, we can never stop talking about this great city). This beautiful multicultural city had everything that they could ask for with a superb food scene, street festivals & events by communities from all over the world. Of course the winter was and still is unbearable for them in Canada, but thanks to their 10 year US Visa that they visited USA with every possible opportunity.

Love for travel has always been the binding factor of their relationship. Both are actually two completely different people. He likes arrivals she likes departures. He won’t move away from driver’s seat and she won’t come near it. He won’t step in public transport (unless there is no other option) and she loves that form of transport as well. He is a cat-person and she is a dog-person. He likes ‘True Detective’ and she binges on ‘Gilmore Girls’. He writes, she proofreads (and approves :)). He books all the travels which she plans. He is Microsoft guy and she swears by Mac.

About Chandni:

Kiran calls her a ‘serial-killer’ as she is known to have finished multiple seasons of different TV shows by binge-watching for entire weekends. She has all traits of a typical Bong girl. The only one thing she dislikes about traveling is that she is limited to the number of footwear which she can carry. An expert travel planner and has mastered the art of travel packing. When she is not eating out of a Nutella jar you can catch her window-shopping on Pinterest.

About Kiran:

Chandni thinks that Kiran’s fashion sense is a disaster and is amused by his fluency in sarcasm. Kiran attributes his love for travel to his dad who took them to places all around India and his mom who has penchant for travel writing. Since the day he received his driving license he has taken every single opportunity to go on road trips with his friends. All his life he dreamed of a Round the World and when he shared this dream with Chandni she simply replied with “YES, Why not” :). He is slowly learning the art of travel hacking. When he is not playing with his smartphone you can catch him surfing on either of his 2 laptops.

Jai Ho,

Kiran & Chandni

*We are yet to receive all our planned visas but we are optimistic that it won’t be a problem at all. Else we do have alternate plans and we are determined and confident that will complete our planned RTW trip 

+ By a ‘true’ RTW trip, we mean that it will span for more than 7 months spanning 6 continents and 20+ countries. We will be traveling in one direction of our planet and our start and final destination will be the same (Toronto, Canada)